Keeping Fall Fashionable During a Pandemic

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It’s that time of the year when women start to break out boots, sweaters and leggings. Retail stores have already replaced all the summer clothes with fall clothes and the latest fashion trends are on sale. COVID-19 regulations can be a setback for those who look forward to showing off their fashionable looks. If it’s safer to stay home, who’s really dressing up?

Since masks are mandatory on campus and in most businesses, those who really want to look their best have the option of matching their masks with their outfits. Masks can vary from neutral colors, patterns or even school themes.

Sophomore music therapy major Brenda Puente prefers wearing neutral-colored masks with prints to match outfits easier, especially black and white.

“I find myself wearing a lot of floral stuff,” Puente said. “If I’m wearing something white and floral, then I’ll wear my white floral mask.”

Since Brenda spends more time indoors, there are few opportunities to dress up and show off her looks, but she continues to apply makeup despite the mask, especially when she goes to work.

“I make sure my eyes and eyebrows look good because the eyes are really what you’re showing off,” Puente said. “You can also show so much emotion off in your eyes as well. It’s pretty cool how you can express yourself with just showing half your face.”

The Houstonian would like to give students an opportunity on Instagram to show off those fashionable outfits sitting in the closet. For those who would like to participate, post a photo of your fall fashion or show off your best masked makeup looks using the hashtag #HoustonianShowOff for a chance to be featured on The Houstonian’s Instagram story.

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