Time to Reach Across Aisle

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The election has concluded with Joe Biden projected as president-elect, according to the Associated Press. Record turnout for this election garnered over 78 million votes for Biden, the most votes for a candidate in any election, according to CBS. President Donald Trump still maintains a massive following with over 73 million votes, his supporters are determined to stand with their President despite calls for him to concede.

Both sides of the aisle need to reconcile and accept each other’s world view

If President Trump and his supporters feel they have been cheated, they should present more evidence to a court of law rather than inflaming tensions and spreading conspiracies. There are legal means to challenge the results, and in times like these, legal proceedings must be carried out if we are to have a peaceful transition of power.

International observers have not found any credible evidence of voter fraud, according to The Hill. However, if Trump wants to present his evidence, he has the legal right to do so.

Liberals need to understand that rubbing this “victory” in the face of conservative voters will only embitter them to vote for a candidate who is worse than Trump in the next election.

Liberals are also blind to this administration’s problems. Biden has consistently voted in favor of policies like the 1994 Crime Bill and supported the Iraq War, according to The LA Times.

Meanwhile, conservative voters need to come to terms with the results and find ways to work with this new administration. They have leverage as the so-called “blue wave” did not come to fruition and Republicans only lost one seat in the Senate and gained eight in the House, according to The Guardian.

Families and friends have split opinions over this election. Despite the results of the election, it’s important to understand that partisan politics should not divide Americans against one another.

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