Students Share Expectations for Another Semester with COVID-19

Mason Storrs

Class formats have been released and registration for spring 2021 has begun, but it’s still hard to predict what next semester will look like.

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase and with the winter break only a few weeks away, it’s possible that next semester may change in the blink of an eye.

Senior music major Lee Burke is hopeful next semester will be smoother, as the university has made improvements in navigating course structures amid the ongoing pandemic.

“I believe students and professors will have a better understanding of how to plan their schedules and how the blended online/in-class process works,” Burke said. “At this point, students have also begun to better adjust to routines that involve less time in the classroom and more time online.”

Regardless of whether classes are in person or online, Burke said he intends on excelling in his coursework and hopes to implement new strategies that will help him do so.

“I plan on doing better with my time management,” Burke said. “Having most everything online has caused me to procrastinate more often, so I think next semester it will be important to hold myself accountable and space out my schoolwork”

Unprecedented times like these can surely have a big impact on a student’s outlook on life. However, Burke remains hopeful for what’s to come and is optimistic of the growth potential that the spring semester will bring.

“I’m most excited for a fresh change in my schedule and continuing to work on long term goals involving my physical and mental health,” Burke said. “Despite it being a hectic year, I’ve made tons of improvements on how I think and how I take care of my body.”

The university has implemented a mask mandate on campus and is encouraging social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus. However, despite their efforts, cases have continued to rise quickly.

Sophomore education major Tiffany Luna believes there will be less face-to-face instruction in the spring due to the ongoing pandemic.

“I think next semester will be very similar to this fall semester,” Luna said. “If anything, remote learning will be enforced completely as the cases keep rising.”

As far as her plans for the spring, Luna is thinking about the people around her. She has made the decision to enroll in classes that are 100% remote.

“I actually took all of my classes online this semester and plan on continuing this, just because I go back home frequently and wouldn’t want to put my family in danger,” Luna said.

Despite these challenging times, Luna said she is looking forward to the upcoming semester because it will open doors for her to gain more career experience.

“I am most excited to start my field experience, as I just got accepted into my education program,” Luna said. “I am sad that this experience will be remote, but I prefer this than putting the elementary students at risk.”

While there is uncertainty about what next semester will bring, one thing that is clear is that students at Sam Houston State University are hopeful for what’s to come and are ready to take on the challenges of the future.

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