Huntsville Housing Development Give More Options to Students

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Machuca

Huntsville is home to many students and where developers have built approximately 43 apartments focused on student living and soon-to-be more off-campus rooms open for residents.  Last year, the Montgomery SH Land Acquisitions proposed a new student complex on 2721 Montgomery Road with 444 beds for rent.  As of Jan. 14, the project is still registered with the city of Huntsville, but no development has started. 

Student housing provides a rentable bedroom instead of an entire unit and focuses more on student amenities. With COVID-19 cases still rising, many amenities provided in student housing have been shutdown prompting students to re-evaluate their housing options. Though, some Huntsville apartments have begun allowing residents to use these amenities during limited hours through a sign-up system.   

Junior biology major Alana Roberson has lived at the Grove Apartments Huntsville for about two years and chose to stay at the apartments during the pandemic.

“My experience living in an apartment during COVID-19 is that apartments have to do a lot of adjusting in order to be the most accommodating with their residents, especially when it comes to amenities that they have,” Roberson said.  

Student apartments are not the only option for students, Huntsville is home to many private rental properties and on-campus options are available. 

Sophomore forensic chemistry major Elijah Jones chose to live outside of town in rental housing since last year.  

“It is convenient to have private space,” Jones said. “I can separate my life from school a little easier, but it does require a little bit more effort in terms of transportation.”

Senior interdisciplinary studies major April Tello chose to spend four years inside of on-campus housing even during the pandemic. 

“Staying on campus during the pandemic has brought some peace because residence life has taken precautions and set expectations for its residents to follow as the university has for those on campus,” Tello said.    

While Huntsville continues to develop housing for students, students will continue to weigh their options in what will best accommodate them during the pandemic.

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