The Rise of Japandi Design Among College Students

Photo courtesy of Lizeth Gonzalez

A relatively new trend has gone viral within the interior decorating community due to the ongoing pandemic. Japandi is a word union between two countries, Japan and Scandinavia. It is a minimalistic design that serves to create an overall sense of simplicity and nature – a perfect blend for those obsessed with a clean aesthetic.  

The origin began when Danish designers traveled to Japan after the border laws were finally lifted, which allowed a blissful marriage of natural craftsmanship and refined luxury to manifest in the designer world. Eventually, the complex design began to influence early Danish designs such as ceramic crafts and Danish furniture.

“Wabi-Sabi” (Japan) and “Hygge” (Denmark) are two philosophical aesthetics that focus on minimalism and simplicity. Wabi-Sabi essentially looks for beauty in imperfection, while Hygge focuses on an overall feeling of comfort. The two ideas combined create Japandi. 

The simplicity of Japandi makes it a perfect design for college students looking to transform their small space. Pinterest and Instagram are a great starting point to look for home décor inspiration. IKEA and Target are two of many affordable retailers for students on a budget without having to overspend. Donated furniture from Goodwill or Facebook Marketplace is also a great inexpensive option. 

Bright spaces, clean lines, and neutral colors are traditional elements of the refreshing design style. It adds an emphasis on sustainability that influences consumers to adopt eco-friendly textures and products in their homes. 

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