While Other Campuses Cancel Spring Break, It’s Still On For Sam Houston State University

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Sam Houston State University has decided to keep spring break on the academic calendar during the pandemic while other universities across the state will cancel, or alter, the mid-spring holiday. Faculty hopes that students will be smart about slowing the spread of COVID-19 and continuing to practice social distancing and mask-wearing throughout their spring break.

“Hopefully, the safety precautions continue when students leave for spring break,” said broadcast operations general manager LeeAn Muns. “And that, they will be responsible and continue social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands. It takes a community effort.” 

Unlike SHSU, universities like Texas A&M and Rice University have changed their spring break protocol. According to Texas A&M Today, Texas A&M campuses will change their one-week break to one day, prompting their spring semester to end earlier. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, Rice University has eliminated its spring break and instead, started the semester two weeks earlier and added five “sprinkle days” that will be distributed throughout the semester. 

Spring break will continue as scheduled this semester for SHSU on March 15-19. Although spring break will not be canceled, students are urged to do their part by continuing to follow COVID-19 safety protocols throughout their spring break.

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