A New Skate Park is Coming to Huntsville

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Raaska

Huntsville is gaining a new recreational option for locals and students with the creation of Huntsville’s first skate park. During last week’s council meeting, members chose between two locations Eastham-Thomason Park and Emancipation Park.

“The location for the skate park had been researched and recommended by city staff and also approved by the cities Park Advisory Board,” councilmember Joe Rodriquez said. “It was a ‘no brainer’ for me to go with those two recommendations.”

With the popular vote, the new skate park location will be at Eastham-Thomason Park, located on 7th St. and Avenue N. The city has budgeted $75,000 for the creation of the skate park, according to the Huntsville 2020-2021 annual budget book.

“I am thankful that we have been able to bring it to fruition,” councilmember Daiquiri Beebe said. “I believe there are quite a few skateboarders already in Huntsville, and they will be glad to have a designated skate spot.”

With the construction of a new skate park, councilmembers look forward to the new recreation option for locals and students.

“I am not sure how much traffic we will see, but I do believe there is good interest in the skate park,” Mayor Andy Brauninger said. “I do believe it will be a valued addition to our city and offer additional recreational opportunities for our young people.”

In addition to the new skate park, Beebe plans to give back to the community by offering free skateboards.

“I intend to raise funds to purchase numerous skateboards to give out for free to teens who want to skateboard but do not already have one,” Beebe said. “I would also like to have a designated day where the skateboards are handed out, and skaters can teach the newbies how to skate. This will help encourage people to use the park as well.”

With the councilmembers in agreement about location, the project will go up for bids from construction and breaking ground will start after one company is chosen.

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