National Student Exchange Offers Students A Chance to Study Abroad at a Historically Black College

Photo courtesy of Italian Language School Milan

In October 2020, Sam Houston State University joined the list of universities to partner with the National Student Exchange. The NSE extends opportunities for students to study abroad in Canada, Guam, the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for either a semester or a full year. This international association has 160+ campuses, including 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), for students to choose from. The program not only thrives on broadening students’ perspectives on diversity and culture but encourages them to share their experiences through online diaries and testimonials.

Though the idea of studying in another state or country sounds amazing, this can be an overwhelming and sometimes expensive experience. Luckily, the NSE takes those roadblocks into consideration by making studying abroad more accessible and affordable. Students will pay their normal SHSU tuition, which includes room, board, meals and other fees.

“A lot of Sam Houston students have never been outside of Texas— maybe not even outside of Houston or the east Texas area,” Study Abroad Coordinator Malin Hilmersson said. “That’s often the issue when recommending studying abroad to students. It just seems very far away to them, but there are a lot of different benefits for our students within the NSE.”

Students can take courses that are not available at SHSU and check out graduate school options, increase their independence, experience life from a different point of view and more. Nationally, the NSE program places 2,000-3,000 students in over 170 universities each year.

To apply, students need to make sure they meet NSE’s eligibility requirements. Students can then attend an informational session or make an appointment with Hilmersson. Interested applicants are advised to select their top three to five schools and have the courses they would like to take to complete their degree selected. The deadline for the NSE application and $200 fee is due at 5 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2021.

“Our next NSE session is Feb. 17, so it’s after that Feb. 15 date. March 10 is the next one, but if a student gets it done quickly, there’s still a possibility for students to apply,” Hilmersson said. “So instead of having 160 universities to choose from, students might have around 80. Even though it’s half, it’s still a big number.”

For more information about the National Student Exchange, visit the study abroad page.

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