‘The Stand’: CBS All Access Strips Stephen King’s Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Photo courtesy of Espinof.com

From environmental destruction to abnormal invasions, the action-packed and grim post-apocalyptic genre proves its appeal with its wide range of show series. “The Stand introduces viewers to an empty, ominous wasteland with unique challenges.

This limited series is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name starring Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden and more. The series centers around a deadly strain of influenza that wipes out almost the entire world population. A basic description of every post-apocalyptic show ever made.

Now that all the important information is out of the way, let’s talk about the first episode. I will say this if you do not like gore, do not watch this. I’m the kind of person that’s okay with some gory elements, but this was just too far and too gross. Keep in mind, the gore comes in the first two minutes of the episode, and it only gets worse. Once you get past that, the shots and overall scenery in the show is beautifully done and could win an award for how gorgeous it is.

However, what it won’t win any awards for is the very one-dimensional dialogue between the characters. For example,  a scene where some bullies were beating up the main character, Harold Lauder played by Owen Teague, and it felt like a high schooler had to have written it. The lack-luster dialogue truly hinders character and plot development, which is troubling considering how fantastic Teague portrayed Harold. His character is easily categorized as an unhinged peeping Tom and from the first shot, he made the viewer uncomfortable.

Another good and promising character on the show is Stu Redman played by Marsden. Just from viewing the first episode, Stu has the range to carry the entire show. Despite the bad dialogue, the viewer’s were easily consumed in what his character was saying and doing. The biggest downside of the series is continuity. “The Stand” weakens the storyline by jumping back and forth between time and introducing scenarios with no explanation.

From watching the first episode, it’s clear that this show is one of those that hopefully gets better with time. It has the potential and massive star power from the cast to be a great show, but it needs to work on dialogue and continuity.

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