Texas Representatives leave citizens during Winter Storm Crisis

Photo courtesy of The Houston Chronicle

Texans questioned elected politicians’ validity after some were found fleeing the state amidst a brutal winter storm that left thousands without power and water for well over a week.

In short, those who were entrusted to vouch and advocate for their citizens were relaxing in warmth while the people were without power.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton separately boarded planes to various, warmer regions around the same time while nearly all 254 counties in the state of Texas suffered.            

Elected officials should not leave during a critical state-wide emergency, nor should this be held as an example of what to do in the middle of a crisis. Thousands are still struggling without basic needs while those put in place to protect us were aboard private jets with no visual distress.

After being ransacked in the media, many officials faced the repercussions of their actions with a simple apology while boarding their private jet with a nice tan.

They prove themselves unreliable when unable to help during disasters like the winter storm. No Texan should condone or accept elected officials fleeing to greener pastures in times of a critical state-wide emergency.

By turning a blind eye and not holding our representatives to a greater expectation not only does it hurt our state but also the rest of the country. Texas is one of the leading states in America just as New York and California. This could start a chain reaction for other states’ leaders to follow if they see no repercussions.

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