Celebrating 100 years of women’s participation in politics

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On March 8, Sam Houston State University’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee will be celebrating 100 years of women’s participation in politics. Coordinated by associate professor Dr. Diane Dowdy, this informative discussion will highlight how pivotal the 19th Amendment’s establishment was in aiding women’s involvement in America’s legislation.

The panel will be composed of five women who will share their individual experiences with a virtual audience. 

Associate professor of History Dr. Nancy Baker will open the panel with, “No time limit on equality’: The Equal Rights Amendment, 1923-2021.”

Assistant professor Dr. Jessica Elkayam, speaker and organizer of the event, will follow the first discussion with her own titled, “Suffrage as the Origin of Feminism.” 

Texas A&M University-Commerce professor of Digital Humanities and History Dr. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky will discuss her expertise on the history of women’s suffrage. 

Assistant director of Inclusion & Assessment Nu’Nicka Epps will provide a knowledgeable piece concerning the gender gap and its impact on society. 

SHSU alumni and the mayor of Crockett, Texas, Dr. Ianthia Fisher, will be talking about her experience from a grassroots perspective. 

A round table panel discussion and Q&A session will follow after each presentation, allowing students to expand their knowledge on how women have shaped our country.  

The virtual discussion will be held on Zoom at 2 p.m. Those interested can access this link to register. For more information, visit the event’s page.

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