Martin Luther King Jr. recreational center due for upgrades after city council meeting

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

On March 2 city council meeting discussed the plans to expand and renovate the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Center. The agenda called for a first reading over a contract between Burditt Consultants, LLC and the city on design and construction for the center.

City councilmembers will hold a decision during the second reading of the contract, which is expected next month, and the project plans to pay $310,000 to the architectural firm that will oversee the project.

The center will receive renovations to the old structure while also bringing the building up to code standards. The new structure is planned to include a teen room and a pair of conference rooms.

“I am proud to say that council and city staff were able to budget money for the improvements this year,” city councilmember Joe Rodriquez said.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Center has been in development for quite some time; however, with the proposed improvements discussed within the city council meeting, Huntsville civilians will benefit from the wait.

One factor that delayed the start of construction is the architectural firm’s selection. They proposed an eight-month timetable before the actual contract bids can be looked at by the city council.

“I know it will be accomplished, and I believe it will finally be a center that will be a great addition to the city and much deserved by citizens of Huntsville,” Rodriquez said.

In the future, Huntsville can keep its fingers crossed for the newly developed community center and expect an innovative building.

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