Walker County Fair & Rodeo on track to reopen for 2021

Photo courtesy of WCFA

In 2020 the pandemic put a halt to the majority of all of our social interactions and large gatherings were canceled throughout Texas as safety became the number one priority of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Huntsville’s local Walker County Fair & Rodeo was among the canceled events. A year later, in spring 2021 many questioned if students and locals would get to enjoy the local rodeo once more.

Yes, but with new rules to be followed. Secretary of the Walker County Fair Association, Bob Stoudt, answered a few simple questions about the 2021 event.

Q: How is the development of the COVID-19 safe 2021 fair and rodeo coming along?
A: We have developed an alternative plan to keep events from overlapping each other and from having participants house their animals at the complex for long periods of time.

Q: Are there any new rules that attendees need to know?
A: We just ask attendees to be cognizant of the fact that COVID is real, and if they want to wear masks and protective equipment, they are more than welcome too. That decision is up to each individual.

Q: Did any events or activities needed to be pulled this year?
A: We are planning on having as many events as possible. The only changes are some of the events will be held in May, the first and second weekends. Again, we are trying to keep the crowds down and allow for people to attend all events they wish to attend.

The rodeo will begin on March 20 to April 2, skipping days in between events. Events include Fair Queen, fine arts, baked and canned goods, meat goat, turkey, market lamb, rabbits, market barrow, a commercial heifer, steer, horticulture, and scramble heifer.

The Fair Queen event includes a crowing on March 22, which will announce the local seniors who won the scholarships for 2021.

Tickets this year will be free and will be released two weeks before the event. Attendees can find tickets at any local participating businesses and can find more information on the WCFA website.

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