Celebrating city council members for Women’s History Month

At the end of 2020, the rise of women in government shot up as we saw our first female vice president, 26.4% of seats in congress occupied by women, eight states led by female governors and 378 female mayors in high populated towns.

Huntsville’s city government followed this increase in female leadership in the 2020 city elections. Pat Graham and Vicki McKenzie were among the new additions to the city council, followed by Dee Howard Mullins and Daiquiri Beebe keeping their seats. 

The women of Huntsville city council took the time to tell readers all about their journey.

Daiquiri Beebe – Ward 1

     “We make up half of the population, so we should be half the local government, as far as I am concerned. We have a different perspective from men, we raise kids, we take care of bills, we have jobs and then we take care of our husbands.”

Councilmember since 2019, she finds a way to balance her council responsibilities with working as a local realtor and writing in local news publications on occasion.

In 2021, Beebe led the city council agenda with the location proposal of a new skate park for Huntsville. Additionally, Beebe took part in opposing House Bill 749 and Senate Bill 234 that would end the use of public funding for lobbyists.

Dee Howard Mullins – Position 2 at Large

     “Women bring a different perspective, women just by their nature see things. I think from a holistic perspective and see things that men do not normally see and I think it is just our natural gift.” 

Huntsville native Howard Mullins grew up attending Huntsville High School and Sam Houston State University. Her father, Percy Howard Jr., served as a councilmember from 1983-1990 and never imagined she would run for local government. Howard Mullins ran for a seat on the city council in 2018 and won the election.

In 2021, Howard Mullins led the agenda surrounding the placement of a Masonic Cornerstone at the Huntsville police department.

Vicki McKenzie – At-Large Position 3

     “It was my time to serve and now it is my turn to give back.”

As a mother, McKenzie spent her time on multiple school committees and worked with different boards across Huntsville. In 2020, she ran unopposed for position 3 and now hopes to give back to the community through her time.

Pat Graham – At-Large Position 4

“I just had the urge to give back and I think if we do not step forward then we are doing ourselves and everyone else an injustice so that is my story.”

Before being elected to the council in 2020, Graham served as a court administrator for Huntsville for 24 years. She raised three children and now has 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. As a city councilmember, she hopes to create a beautiful and safe community for Huntsville residents to raise their kids.

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