I honor the women in my life by listening to their struggles

Lizeth Gonzalez

The nation has honored women in March that have paved the way for today’s generation.

         Life can be a little challenging to navigate through as a woman. Witnessing my mother and sister’s struggles through society and how they overcome obstacles that stand in their way.

         My mom has a lot on her plate and still manages to be a full-time mother and a full-time realtor.

         She struggles with men who do not take her seriously because she is a woman and as a businesswoman, she goes through the trials of being disrespected and overlooked. Nevertheless, she challenges herself to become better every step of the way.

         On the other hand, my sister is an inspiring R&B singer who can sing like an angel. She is driven by her passion, constantly putting a large amount of work to achieve goals in her field.

Some of my sister’s struggles in the music industry also come from the stigma of not being taken seriously. When she comes home from the studio, she constantly tells me how the producers overlook her notes on how she wanted her music to sound.

         The producers that she works with are all men. At times she feels uncomfortable being alone with them in the studio. Despite the struggles and lack of communication, she strives to make her music her own and succeed no matter the obstacles in her way.

         They go through these societal conflicts, but they do not let them hinder their passion for reaching their goals.

By listening to women and their struggles, we develop insight into why and how we should celebrate the women in our lives. As a son and brother, I will stand by them and support them through it all. In the end, they both stand tall with pride because they know they will succeed despite the challenges.

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