Original woman of Huntsville: Margaret Lea Houston

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

A Christian, a wife and a mother, Margaret Lea Houston stepped into the role of household manager, often tending to the business and financial matters on the farm.

Margaret Lea Houston was a devout Baptist and was actively involved in the First Baptist Church in Huntsville. Often acting as a single mother, she saw to it that her children receive a proper Christian upbringing that was loving.

After her husband’s death, Margaret became the keeper of his history. In her autobiography titled “Sam Houston’s Wife” written by William Seale, it was mentioned that Margaret worked with Carey Crane to have a biography written about her husband. However, she would later be told by a publisher that it did not seem that there was any pressing urgency to present the life and labors of Sam Houston to the world.

While she struggled financially, she never lost faith, and she had the love and support of her children until her death in December of 1867.

Margaret undoubtedly played an instrumental role in her husband’s life and shaping the future of Texas. She loved and encouraged her husband, who championed through his life for the well-being of Texas and its citizens.

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