Beyond the egg hunt: What adults can do this Easter Sunday

Illustration courtesy of Lizeth Gonzalez

The time for bunnies, decorating eggs and hunting treats is upon us once again. For adults, Easter has a different meaning. 

Adults could go charging off on Easter egg hunts with children or paint some fancy design on a couple of eggs but as we grow older, this begins to seem silly. Perhaps we can enjoy the season differently.

As I have grown older, Easter begins to mean something more than childlike activities. It is a time of rebirth, family gatherings and new beginnings. Easter in my home consists of uncles and aunts coming over from different cities to go to church on Sunday morning, my dad grilling steaks and my mom making deviled eggs and pies. Everyone pitches in with some sides.

My family usually joins hands and prays over our meal, then we share stories of the past year and how we intend to use the following year to change and better ourselves. Afterward, we eat dessert, share stories, joke around and show affection.

Easter for me was once a fun holiday for kid activities, but now I sit around a table and enjoy the wisdom and conversation that other adults can provide.

This Easter, enjoy some food and cook a good meal for yourself and others. 

Most of all, think of ways to renew yourself, especially if you can not visit family. Take a break and find a hobby that works for you. Paint, write, drink some wine or simply enjoy the springtime weather.

As adults, we may no longer think Easter is fun, but this year enjoy a new season in life by celebrating Easter with the ones you love.

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