5 indicators that spring has arrived in Texas

Photo courtesy of Jacob Hodges

In Texas, we endure rather unpredictable weather for half of the year. However, as the spring season has arrived, we see weather settle into warm and steady temperatures and blue skies and blooming fields. Here are five tell-tale signs that spring has sprung in Texas. 

You cannot have spring in Texas without bluebonnets. Following their arrival, it is nearly impossible to pass a field without seeing people gathering to take pictures of these vibrant flowers. Spring in Texas would not be as picture-perfect without them. 

Though a gorgeous season, spring is also the prime time of year for seasonal allergies. As grass and weeds begin to emerge and trees start too bud, they release pollen into the air. When that pollen is inhaled by those who are allergic, they are likely to spend the remainder of the season sneezing, coughing and having itchy eyes. However, most supermarkets have several medications readily available and just in time for allergy season. 

Nature seems to flourish in a beautiful hymn as this season approaches. Butterflies and bumblebees return to pollinate flowers; birds are chirping throughout the day and those once brown bushes and leaves from the winter turn green. The cutest reminder is the quacking ducks returning to lakes with their adorable brood of ducklings. Being that Huntsville is filled with these animals, you are likely to see a family crossing campus to the nearest pond. 

They say that March winds and April showers bring May flowers, which is another sign that spring has finally arrived. As winter comes to a close and weather begins to warm up, precipitation falls as rain instead of snow. Unfortunately, right when we thought we could finally shed our winter layers and slip into tank tops and shorts, we often find ourselves covering up once more in raincoats and boots. However, rainy days are perfect for staying inside and keeping busy with spring cleaning or just relaxing and enjoying the sounds of rainfall. 

During springtime, Texas tends to get earlier sunrises and late sunsets. This gives more time to enjoy daylight and engage in outside activities such as carnivals and festivals. You’re also likely to see more families basking in the weather, dog owners taking their pets for walks and active kids playing sports. Considering the fact that great weather brings a positive mood, these extra hours of daylight are much appreciated. 

From relaxing outside with a large glass of lemonade to viewing nature turn into colorful landscapes, soak up the fun before the insanely hot summer temperatures come. 

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