Go Nagai’s classic manga receives month long VR exhibit

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

The Go Nagai “Devilman: franchise will have its own VR exhibit titled “VR Devilman: Heart of a Devil, Heart of a Human” from April 28-May 31. Virtual Utopia, a digital exhibit platform, will host the production by showcasing art from the original, “Devilman” manga, series and the 2018 Netflix adaptation “Devilman Crybaby.” Headsets or any other specialized equipment are not required. 

Since the original Nagai manga launch in 1972, more than a dozen crossovers and spinoffs have been created. Its most recent Netflix remake follows the manga’s original context in a modern form, introducing recent anime fans to his dark world. The 10-episode series follows high school student Akira Fudo and his best friend Ryo Asuka, as they try to defeat the race of deadly demons taking over the world. However, Ryo believes the only way Akira can subdue this war is by transforming into a devilman, a half-human and half-demon. 

According to Anime News Network, the exhibit will have 11 areas total. Fans who download the Virtual Utopia application will have free access to the opening area, while the other 10 areas will require a ticket. The free section will screen a talk show between Go Nagai and other popular forces in the anime industry, a personality test to see what kind of demon fans resonate with and a small store filled with Devilman-themed products. 

Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and his fashion company GroundY are working to release a line of shirts that will sport cool grey and red illustrations of the Devilman character. 

For those who pay for a ticket, the last several rooms will be an immersive panel straight from Nagai’s popular manga. Through these virtual reconstructions, fans can explore a flaming exhibition hall, a nostalgic space reminiscent of social media and an impressive statue of Go Nagai. 

According to Crunchyroll, tickets will be available in multiple varieties. 

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