HISD 2021 Bond will create a bounty of opportunity for students

Photograph by Elizabeth Machucha

On May 1, voters will decide on a $127,000,000 bond proposition for Huntsville Independent School District to help the schools in the area.

The HISD 2021 Bond is separated into Proposition A and B.  Proposition A, which costs ($92,000,000) focuses more on the schools themselves being divided between pre-k and elementary school, middle school, and high school and district-wide improvements. Proposition B ($35,000,000) will focus more on stadium renovations and supporting facilities.

Many may be worried about a significant tax increase however, the tax increase would not be as much as people might think.

Homeowner’s property tax rates will increase by  $6.22 per month, which will exempt homeowners 65 and up. This would mean that on a $100,000 property, you would pay $74.59 per year, according to the bond fact sheet.

For this low bump in taxes, the schools get a massive increase in benefits. This is the perfect time for this bond as we slowly shift children from the online classrooms back to in-person classes. Students will come back to better facilities to help them learn and grow. Even outside of the classroom, the students will come back to a school that allows their talents to bloom. This bond would give more space for extracurricular activities.

Both middle and high schools would be renovating gyms and athletic spaces. The high school will receive a new baseball and softball field as well as building a new district auditorium.

The bond would also include improved safety and security enhancements for all campuses. The security increases would likely help keep students safe from school shootings with metal detectors and more security officials on campus.

If having a slight increase in taxes gives students a better education experience, then it is a no-brainer to vote yes for this bond.

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