Career Services offers assistance for graduates transitioning to the workforce

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Students at Sam Houston State University have the ability to take advantage of career exploration tools and support with Career Services on campus.

Career Services helps students transition into the workforce, network, prepare for an interview and find a job after college. One of the many pieces of advice graduates can learn from the career center is how to network.

Learning how to network among peers can help in a competitive workforce, especially if you are graduating. Networking and referrals can help you cut a lot of lines.

“Referred applicants are 5 times more likely than average to be hired, and 15 times more likely to be hired than applicants from a job board,” according to a 2016 Jobvite study.

Another key to acquiring a job is keeping composure during an interview. The career center aids in this area with mock interviews to prepare students by providing a less stressful environment to practice highlighting what makes an application special as a candidate.

Afterward, students get an analysis of what was done well and what can be done better. The mock interview process builds confidence and can help fight the fear of freezing up in front of a potential employer. 

These services help our alumni and undergrad find careers and jobs after graduation.

Eighty-three percent of SHSU graduates said that Career Services helped them find a job or internship, according to a study on 

Whether a freshman or a graduate attending Sam Houston State University, our free Career Services can put you on the road to success.

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