Graduating college: A letter to the graduate

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I am writing to graduating students who just went through the weirdest and toughest time of their life. That degree is a real achievement and is sure to stand the test of time.

In honor of this accomplishment, let us manifest how much better life will be after graduating.

Long hours of studying at night are in the past. There is no more stressing and crunching, no more online classes, no more staring at a screen with endless tasks and no time to escape to. Professors are gone. No more group projects that required you to do all the work while your partners got all the credit.

There is hope that you will be working a job you love instead of stressing over all the busy work of college. Not having to work a part-time job is a dream.

With a new job comes new money and a chance to hopefully keep a roof over your head. That new roof could potentially be without roommates who never do chores and talk behind your back or play loud video games all night.

Also, no worrying about all those vague extracurriculars to make resumes look busy. No more pointless clubs or desperate searching for an internship to take on for “job experience.” Somehow, college experience just is not enough to get a job after all.

Soon enough, no more COVID-19 ruining party times and hangouts with your friends. Get vaccinated so you can catch up on all the fun and social times you missed this past year.

As years go by, you may feel a sense of nostalgia for the good times in college, but right now, just say, “Goodbye!” and slam the door on this part of your life.

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