Graduation gift ideas from Apple’s 2020 Virtual Event

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Graduating from college is both an incredible milestone and a major lifestyle change, so having the right tech gear to assist in a new journey is essential.

 On April 20, household tech giant Apple unveiled five new products in their first keynote stream of the year titled “Spring Loaded.” In an average year, Apple will host three events for the spring, summer and fall, all dedicated to either new or updated popular products on the horizon. From a colorful desktop computer to the new iPhone 12 in a pastel purple shade, this impressive line of products from Apple will keep new grads prepared and organized.

For those who already have the latest iPhone in its original four shades or are interested in upgrading, this new pastel color might peak your interest. The cutting-edge smartphone is proofed 5G capability, is four times more drop resistant than their last line of iPhones, runs on an A14 Bionic chip, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone and features a front-facing portrait mode for gorgeous photography. To top it off, the new model sports a stunning purple finish perfect for spring and is compatible with Apple’s new line of ecosystem-friendly accessories. The iPhone 12 comes in four models, iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the new purple shade is only available in the standard and mini version.

Speaking of fun colors, Apple has gone back to the original 1977 rainbow logo by applying the seven colors to their new line of iMac desktop computers. Due to the software’s M1 chip, which gives their line of computers high-quality performance and efficient battery life, this desktop’s flat and thin body can fit comfortably on even the messiest of desks. The new front-facing camera has also been upgraded to 1080p.

Though the new Apple TV does not have any special color expansions or homages made to vintage Apple, it’s still a gorgeous and workable TV. As displayed in the title, its screen is 4K which has a higher quality than most movie theatres. This item also has surround sound speakers that are both built into the TV and can be hooked up to other speakers. The included Siri remote can control or activate any application without having to press a button and can be synced to your phone as a remote.

The new iPad Pro software contains the same 5G connection as their smartphones and M1 chip as their computers. The screen quality and its compact build possess a minimal keyboard that graduates can attach and detach. The iPad Pro’s fluid Apple Pencil allows a smooth glide across the screen with its hand recognition software and is suitable for graduates in artistic design.

AirTags are perfect for those prone to losing various items. The AirTags are little discs that can attach to anything like a keychain. Once activated, if someone loses a product that has the disc attached to it, their phones will be able to identify the location. Users can also customize each one of them with engraved emojis to make finding them easier.

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