How to celebrate graduation during the pandemic

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Graduating in a pandemic is depressing but the actual day of graduation does not have to be. With COVID-19 still active, it is possible to feel discouraged to celebrate in big groups at restaurants or inviting friends over for parties but there are safe ways to enjoy graduation day while still entertaining guests.

Throw a party at home and invite a limited number of people. Decorate the backyard or patio and make it a group effort by encouraging guests to bring prepackaged food items. Promote company to use personal cups or use disposable cutlery that cannot be shared. Another great and luxurious option is to hire a personal chef to cook for friends and family while everyone enjoys each other’s company.

Utilize Zoom for a virtual party if preferred not to be around or only a limited amount of people. This year graduation will be made available virtually and physically allowing graduates to keep the entire event simulated. Right after watching the graduation on the school’s website, invite members to celebrate via Zoom. To make it even more special, ask a family member to set up the meeting on behalf of the graduating senior to alleviate the stress of planning to prepare to walk the stage.

A popular event that started from the outbreak of the coronavirus last year was drive-by parades. Invite friends and family to consider hosting a parade with balloons and banners congratulating the graduate. To make things even better, have them leave gifts on the doorstep as well.

Do not forget senior pictures. Make sure to take those in time to enjoy on graduation day to celebrate the next step in life.

Plan a trip to leave on the day of graduation and as a personal gift for the summer. It can be alone or with a group of friends or family.

However graduation is celebrated, remember it is well deserved and to have fun.

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