SHSU offers valuable resources for graduating seniors

Photo courtesy of Leila De La Cruz

Sam Houston State University provides on-campus resources through the Student Money Management Center, Career Services and the SHSU Student Alumni Association for undergrads and graduating seniors to easily transition from an academic life to the “real world.”

Career Services offers occupational assistance for students discovering a potential career path.

“The biggest thing that we are here to do provide support and reassurance that as you enter the workforce, you don’t have to tackle this alone.” career services assistant director Vinessa Mundorff said. 

Being financially prepared is one of the most important things a Bearkat approaching graduation should consider. The Student Money Management Center provides student loan exit counseling, loan repayment plan, and budgeting. 

The Student Alumni Association also organizes alumni trips and several networking events, keeping students connected and informed with the Bearkat community. 

“Every graduating student receives a complimentary one-year membership into the Alumni Association,” alumni relations associate director of marketing and membership Donna Gilbert said. “With the membership, they receive a monthly newsletter that has many networking opportunities.”

Several students at SHSU have already used these services during their academic life to unlock better opportunities for themselves and their peers even before graduation. 

“I have used the Career Services as a requirement for my classes as well as on my personal accounts,” senior health science major Tessy Agbeyei said.” For my pre-internship class, we had to do mock interviews to help prepare us for interviewing with potential employers for our internships, which is a degree requirement for my major.”

With access to several resources on campus, many graduating students have all the tools they need to succeed after graduation. 

“I have used SHSU’s Academic success center, Career Services, counseling center and legal service, just to name a few and I was extremely satisfied using these services,” doctorate literacy major Pimrawee Ruengwatthakee said. “Staff are professional, nice and supportive.”

As graduation approaches, it is important that graduating Bearkats utilize these valuable resources to best set themselves up for success after graduation. 

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