Students allowed limited number of tickets for this years graduating seniors

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Graduation season is upon us and with COVID -19, some elements will be tough to navigate. Although Sam Houston had previously promised six tickets at the NRG Stadium graduation last fall, only four tickets are offered this semester at the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum.

For graduates with larger families or groups of dedicated friends, cutting down the number of tickets has become especially difficult. Students should be able to share their moment of triumph with family and friends this May but are now stuck hand-selecting four attendees who will be able to watch them walk across the stage.

Four tickets are not enough to encompass those invited.

As a member of a family of five, it would be ok for mom, dad and two brothers that want to attend the ceremony but with significant others and more family, some may be left out.

Other universities such as Stephen F. Austin and Texas A&M are offering up to six and eight tickets for their graduates’ families and friends. These universities are not in any more danger than SHSU regarding the pandemic.

Schools are now facing a better and healthier environment and many have already been vaccinated or are on a waiting list to be vaccinated. This should allow opening events to larger amounts of people, especially events that only happen once.

Graduation represents accomplishments made in college through sacrifice and hard work, especially considering the hit of COVID-19. This disease should not take away such a special moment.

Perhaps if family and friends could prove that they are vaccinated or will be, they could also be allowed to attend as extra. There could be a system for graduates who are not walking that allows them to donate tickets through an online system for other graduates.

There is a way to ensure everyone has those close to them on one of the most important days of their college career.

Though graduation season is different this year, at least students will be able to walk the stage at the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum.

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