Three places to visit in Huntsville before graduating

With graduation just around the corner, Sam Houston State University students are preparing to take the next step into their careers and merge into true adulthood.

Although some students will remain in Huntsville to continue their academic career, some are weeks away from returning home or moving to their next adventure in life. Students are surrounded by the treasures and local areas that are unique to Huntsville.

We compiled a list of must-see places to visit before officially walking the stage at Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Machuca

Although food trucks are not exclusive to Huntsville, some unique trucks in the area have been serving Sam Houston students for years, making them a nostalgic place to visit.

Food trucks like Arnaud’s Cajun Kitchen, El Gordo Taqueria and Chill Out Shaved Ice are one of the most popular food trucks in Huntsville, serving students year-round and making it a hot spot for both community locals and students.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Machuca

Mr. Hamburger is an exclusive location to visit while in Huntsville. With only two locations, one in Huntsville and Bryan, Texas, Mr. Hamburger has been serving fries and burgers to Huntsville citizens and students since 1959.

Mr. Hamburger has been the designated spot for students looking for an affordable meal after a football game or a late-night dinner after cramming for finals.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Machuca

Although Huntsville is not a big city like Houston or Dallas, its unique small-town charm can be seen throughout the streets of Huntsville making it a distinctive place for students to roam on a long relaxing weekend.

Over the years, Huntsville has expanded its outreach of businesses located throughout Huntsville, but Main Street has many shops that have been established in the community for years. Places like A Nitsch in Time, One Music Square and Frippery Vintage have been serving the community making them a designated place to visit before moving to a big city.

And last, but certainly not least, a place that varies for every student, make sure to visit the place in town with the most memories to mind. Although the next step in life will vary to every student, Huntsville will remain a community full of memories to the students attending Sam Houston State University.

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