What to consider when applying for jobs after graduation

Due to COVID-19, many students may struggle to find a job after graduating college that meets both financial and safety needs. To ensure quality job opportunities without feeling the stress of a guaranteed job, students find themselves wondering if they should accept the first job offer or hold out until the perfect opportunity appears.

By holding out there is the potential of having a more satisfying job opportunity that will meet all expectancies and potentially hold a lifelong career within that company.

Many companies have taken this pandemic opportunistically by allocating employees to fully remote therefore increasing job opportunities globally. Now that the economy is replenishing, companies are looking for employees to fulfill many roles with less experience before employment.

With an already immensely flooded job market, it is possible to struggle with choosing between passions, impact within a company and salary.

In 2020, about 1 in 3 full-time workers experienced a pay cut due to COVID-19, according to CNBC, leaving salaries well below pre-pandemic levels. This is rather disheartening for students who are graduating with a 4.0 GPA in their field. Due to this, it may be best to wait and choose to follow a passion. Do the research and reinstate value through college and work experience gained.       

It is human nature to second guess, but it is also human nature to wonder if something better is around the corner. Unfortunately, this is one of the most dismal job markets in decades; however, panicking and accepting the first job offer post-grad is not wise nor reliable.

It is necessary to understand that a career choice holds weight over the future but obtaining an unwanted job will make time at a company uninvolved and short-lived. The quest to find a job should not be something to secure quickly. It is the search of company culture, opportunities for growth, pay, and positions for success.

Expand job options and wait for valuable suggestions. The current job market is temporary, but it is important to choose passion and purpose for future opportunities.

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