Bingo night fun with Program Council

Photo courtesy of Alexis Bushnell

On Sept. 20, the campus Program Council hosted PC Bingo Night located in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, student engagement in events have fluctuated. The event was hosted in order to draw students into an environment where they could relax and get to know other fellow Bearkats.

Program Council President Clarisa Galindo identified the organization’s main goal as making sure students are involved in school outside of academics.

PC Bingo is one of the most popular events at Sam Houston State University, typically held on the last Tuesday of each month. Students are invited to play bingo, eat popcorn and meet new people. However, it is the prizes that really attract the crowd as they can range from airpods to air fryers and everything in between.

The event was more than a success in drawing out a crowd as students began being turned away as the LSC Ballroom had reached full capacity.

Despite the stellar turnout, many are still apprehensive about in-person engagement. To accommodate these students, the Program Council also offers virtual bingo. Students are able to interact with the organization board and participate in campus activities from the comfort of their own homes.

“A lot of students are not physically on campus and are taking classes online and they don’t get the opportunity to experience the true nature of on-campus living,” Galindo said.

The first virtual bingo event of the semester is set for the beginning of October.

The Program Council organization falls under the large umbrella that is student affairs. The organization oversees student engagement on campus. They plan and create events on campus such as monthly do-it-yourself projects and Thursday Thrills events.

For example, they will be hosting a pumpkin decorating event to get students involved and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season.

Students can learn more on how to get involved with Program Council by attending their monthly general interest zoom meetings. The next meeting will be held on Oct. 6 and students are encouraged to participate. They will connect and communicate with the board in order to obtain information on how to volunteer at events and gain possible service hours.

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