The unseen cost of living in southeast Texas

Illustration courtesy of Danielle Onwuka

The attractively low cost of living compared to other parts of the country makes Houston an attractive option when looking for a city to live in. However, an unseen expense arises when living in the southeast part of Texas that people might not consider.

Natural disasters are a recurring issue that affects the Houston area and the state of Texas as a whole.  Houston, in particular, is vulnerable to these natural disasters, prompting residents to be prepared to deal with them.

In recent years Houston has been impacted by Winter Storm Uri, which crippled the majority of Texas state power grid and caused water and power loss to many residents. Additionally, cold conditions were severe enough to result in multiple deaths.

While winter storms are not common for the area, this shows that disasters in the state can take many forms, some of which the state is very underprepared for.  The state’s power grid was faltered due to the lack of preparation while other parts of the country were able to weather the storm.

In response, the state of Texas needs to be better equipped for these types of disasters, as hurricanes are not the only thing that can affect the city when it comes to major natural events.

Hurricanes are also a reality of living in Houston and have affected many families and homes. The frequent flooding and wind damage can cost homeowners and renters a lot of money in terms of damages, and stress.

People can find themselves stressed out much more during hurricane season, which can lead to overall poorer quality of life.

Stress from wondering if the next hurricane will blow your house away is a stress that is not unique to Houston, but the city is one of the largest towns regularly affected by hurricanes.

It is clear that while Houston might be an attractive place to live, there are unseen costs to living there. It is important to always be prepared for natural disasters as people can never know who else is there prepared and ready to help.

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