Student Government Association passes work study legislation

Photo courtesy of Scott Morris

The Sam Houston State University Student Government Association passed legislation in regards to student workers and the work study program during their Sept. 28 meeting.

The legislation was passed after a student anonymously came forward to SGA and brought attention to the issue from their personal experience.

“We had a student email SGA anonymously and they brought up a concern of a lack of voice in the decision-making processes,” SGA rules and regulations director Dylan Jircik said.

Jircik was at the forefront of the legislation passed as he is the one who works to pass these legislations along with the rest of the SGA board.

“This is a statement of our opinions and beliefs,” Jircik said. “Essentially, the resolutions’ main purpose is getting out there that SGA is willing to listen to student employees and help them voice their concerns.”

Jircik hopes that with this new legislation passed, more students will be able to come forward to voice their problems and concerns while feeling comfortable about who they are bringing the information to.

“Best case scenario, students see this, and it lets students know that there is a place where other students can listen to their concerns,” Jircik said. “I know that some people feel intimidated going to superiors or a group of graduate assistants and they will feel more comfortable voicing their concerns to us.”

The overall goal with this resolution is to make sure students can have a safe so that if issues do arise, they can go about them without fear. SGA hopes to be that middle ground for those students and overall be a bridge towards higher up administration.

“It is a broad statement to students,” Jircik said. “Hopefully, the administration can see this and everyone can see that students are interested in protecting and creating a better working environment and relationship with students and student workers.”

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