WOTS: How are Bearkats spending Family Weekend?

Photo courtesy of Scott Morris

Bearkat Family Weekend begins Friday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. with the Family Barbeque. The event will carry into the weekend with many of the activities, such Family Feud, taking places during the tailgate. The Tailgate takes place before the Sam Houston and Lamar Football game.

Arianna Ramp
Education Major

“I will actually be working part of the Bearkat family weekend for check in as well as breakfast. My family is coming down on Saturday. We’re going to go to the honors luncheon, and then we’re going to go tailgate before we go to the football game.”

Hayden Miller
Criminal Justice Major

“My parents are coming up and we’re bringing family friends. We are going to do the activities they have like family feud night. I miss my parents a lot, so I am very excited.”

Christian Smith
Criminal Justice Major

“On Saturday, my fraternity Delta Tau Delta is going to be hosting a tailgate for the football game. It’s going to be parents weekend tailgate, so we’re going to have a lot of brothers bringing their parents there. We’re going to have a good time and are going to be grilling some brisket.”

Shelby Ridley
Health Care Administration Major

“I have to work so my parents aren’t coming into town, but I am going to see them next weekend when they come up for my birthday. I think parents’ weekend is important because it gives families a chance to come up and be a part of their kids’ college life and see what they are doing here.”

Gunner Capps
Communication Studies Major

“My mom will be coming into town for my football game, but I didn’t know it was parents’ weekend so I am glad she can make it into town for that. I think parents’ weekend is a cool experience if you decide to participate and it gets your parents involved in your college life.”

Braiden Clopton
Liberal Studies Major

“Both of my parents are coming into town for my football game this weekend so I guess you could say they will be here for parents’ weekend. I am glad they will be here, but I only knew it was parents’ weekend because I saw a sign in the LSC. I am looking forward to a football game with packed stands hopefully because everyone brings their parents to the game.”

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