Carving pumpkin fun with Program Council

Photo courtesy of Robert Greenwald

The Program Council organized a pumpkin decorating event in the yard Wednesday, Oct. 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There were many students there to join in on the fun as fall and Halloween quickly approached. The event was free to all students, and the crowds funneled in line for the opportunity to get to decorate their own pumpkin.

Students got to pick their pumpkin and decorate it how they wanted, whether it was painting, gluing on cool decorations, or both.

Program council event coordinator Breanna Zupan said the event was a great way to get students involved and get to know more about the organization.

“It’s great to have something to do to relieve stress during the middle of the semester when things get crazy,” Zupan stated. “It’s free so students should take the time to have fun.”

Many of the students enjoyed painting and decorating their pumpkins to use as decoration for their rooms and homes. A few students were digging through the pumpkin bin trying to find a pumpkin that had the perfect stem and others wanted the smallest pumpkin they could find or the pumpkin with the oddest shape. 

The program council offers many events throughout the school year and hosts multiple events to coordinate with the holidays. All events are free to students at Sam Houston and are great ways to interact with other students and do something else other than homework and studying.

These Program Council events are held to create a relaxed environment on campus and give students a chance to interact with friends and members of the organization. These events are great ways for college students to get out there and enjoy their time here in Huntsville, Texas.

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