Premium pics from Huntsville’s farmers market

Downtown Huntsville, Texas hosted their annual farmers market event, which housed a variety of vendors selling fresh produce, wood works designs and jewelry. This small set up of a market has a lot to offer for a fair price.

The Huntsville downtown farmers market is located on 12th Street and Avenue M. near Rather Park. The market is only open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. between the months of May and October.

All photos courtesy of Brisenia Flores

A vendor sells fresh tomatoes to customers at the downtown farmers market. The produce is often taken from the fields and to vendors in less time than grocery stores.

Korey McMillan (pictured right) of Kreations by Korey talks with customers about an assortment that she is selling at the downtown farmers markets. She explains a little bit about how each product is made and how much each item is sold for. 

Tabatha Coey of Coey Car Scents talks with a customer about her product that she makes herself.  Farmers markets have many different types of goods other than just food products.

Coey with a few of the car air fresheners that she handmakes herself. Each one has a different shape, smell and name to them. 

Fresh peppers, carrots, cauliflower and other vegetables ready to sell from a local vendor at farmers market.

Another vendor had pickled okra, bread and butter pickles and other jarred vegetables ready to be sold at the downtown farmers market. Each jarred vegetable is labeled with what it is and how it was made.  

Other pickled vegetables and fruits are jarred and ready to be sold at downtown farmers market. Each fruit or vegetable that is jarred is picked at the ripeness of its season.

Another vendor from the downtown farmers market who makes handmade jewelry in different ways and styles. The opportunity to sell at a farmers market can turn a hobby into a business. 

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