Lebanon needs to be talked about more

Photo courtesy of Charbel Karam at unsplash.com

The country of Lebanon is a nation in crisis after years of a mismanaged government and a plant explosion that caused the country to fall ultimately into turmoil.

The country in Western Asia has been in crisis since 2019 due to additional taxes, which led to the country falling into mass protest.

The effects of all of this took a toll on their economy as their currency collapsed and foreign exchange was forced to shut down.

In August 2020, there was a devastating explosion at a plant in Beirut, Lebanon resulting in 218 deaths along with $3.8-4.6 million dollars of damages done, according to the Human Rights Watch. This explosion caused almost the entire Lebanese government to resign from their posts, plunging the country into even further chaos, according to the World Bank.

The tragic explosion received some buzz from around the world, but not quite enough for anyone to think about the country for longer than a few weeks or even do more research into how or why it happened.

The media does a poor job of educating people on other countries and what occurs within them. Nationalism is not a negative thing, but as humans, there should still be a desire to care for others no matter where they are from.

People in younger demographics tend to only care about the event when it is celebrity gossip. If the media can figure out a way to better inform everyone on what is happening, it might just shed some light on the situation and get more people talking.

There may not be much we can do from an ocean away, but just letting them know that they are not forgotten or being swept under the rug could be enough to lift their spirits and inspire them to keep fighting during these tough times.

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