WOTS: What are SHSU students doing for Halloween?

Photo courtesy of Neven Kcrmarek at unsplash.com

With Halloween quickly approaching, many people are gearing up to celebrate in any way they know how. Whether that be trick-or-treating, hanging out with friends and family or watching scary movies, Sam Houston State University students are celebrating in many different ways.

Emily Razem
Kinesiology Major

“My roommate, her boyfriend and I are all going to hang out together. We are all dressing as the purge, with purge masks. I know it is cliché, but we did not have anything else. So, we are all going to get purge masks from Amazon and just some white shirts. And we can splatter blood. We planned on doing something else but could not order it soon enough for Halloween, so we had a backup plan.”

Austin David Moravetz
Criminal Justice Major

“I am going over to a friend’s house, and I will be dressing up as Bugs Bunny from Space Jam. It is the only thing I can really afford. It will consist of a jersey, white undershirt and everything with it. I have some shoes and everything to go with it, specifically some Jordans and basketball shorts.”

Melina Guerra
Criminal Justice Major

“I’m going to hang out with my friends, for sure. I am going to be a boxer because I have all of the materials already at home, which means I can bring them with me. My costume consists of parachute pants, black tee shirts, a headband and boxer braids.”

Ashley Jessup

“My friend is probably going to take us to a frat party and the Jolly Fox. I’m going to dress up like Violet from Willy Wonka before she got big like the blueberry. I liked the costume, and I’m going to make it myself since I think it will be cute.”

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