Bearkat Madness kicks off Bearkats basketball season

Photo courtesy of Nicole Alford

To celebrate the beginning of the Bearkats basketball season, many students gathered at Johnson Coliseum for a night of games and prizes with the teams Nov. 3.

Students as well as staff joined this even to get ready and get pumped for basketball’s first game on Nov. 10, at 6:30 p.m. in the Johnson Coliseum.

“We wanted to interact with our fans and fellow students and just have a good time with them,” freshman kinesiology major and guard Jarren Cook said. “Season is upcoming, and we wanted to have the fans see what they would get a glimpse of this season.”

This glimpse of what to come was energetic and loud. The Bearkat student section was getting hyped with both the women’s and men’s basketball teams. Everyone at this event was interacting through games, contests and free food.

The games and contests consisted of musical chairs, a 3-point contest, a dunk contest and a social media scavenger hunt.

“My favorite part was the 3-point contest,” senior Health Science and pre-med major Kaylee Jefferson said. “Just having all my teammates around me, then getting to hype up my teammates after and then also the dunk contest. It was really lively.”

These contests with both women and men’s teams also involved the students in the crowd. Each person who won a contest got to win a spectacular prize.

A raffle was also involved for students who did not participate in the activities.

“I loved the energy from the fans and students, and I love how we got them involved by playing musical chairs,” Cook said. “They really made the event fun today and I really appreciate them.”

With this season coming up, we have many new teammates as well as players graduating coming up. This function truly got everyone together.

“We are 1,000% ready for our first game on the 10th, we’ve been practicing hard and completing daily,” Cook said. “We pride on coming in with a winning mindset and that’s the main goal for this season, is to win!”

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