Huntsville City Council discusses RV park, landmark relocation

Photo courtesy of Jacob Courtney

Huntsville, Texas residents are divided over future development of a new recreational vehicle park located on the 3200 block on SH-30.

This development comes from CityStreet Residential Partners based in Houston with many locations surrounding the area.

Many issues like sewer, power lines and traffic conditions surround the proposed recreational vehicle park area. Some residents protested the location of the RV resort development. 

“I believe that the RV park will stunt our growth, it does not send out a positive message,” Homeland Properties sales associate and Huntsville resident Christopher Cherry said.

Those that were in favor of this luxury RV resort being built say that it will be a beneficiary to fellow Texans who travel to Huntsville for the local state parks, attend Sam Houston State University games on weekends and much more.

Those who were opposed to this say that they do not want to look out their windows and see campers parked outside all day long as well as concerned about money coming from the RV park.

“Whatever happens here tonight we are invested, and your concerns are valid and if you continue to have concerns after this gets approved, we will work with the city,” CityStreet Residential development associate Kathryn Harris said.

City Council members voted against the proposal.

Huntsville residents fought back against city council members on relocating the tourist attraction of the hat house that is in downtown Huntsville.

“I sympathize with the people who live there but it will have to change,” Mayor Andy Brauninger said.

Many residents voice their concerns about why the famous hat house should stay at its current location. The area is classified as neighborhood conservation, even though the majority of the area has turned into commercial investments properties.

This area is home to many Huntsville residents who live there and strongly do not want any more commercial type places to keep pushing them out of the area. 

“Under the current council I don’t have faith in y’all,” Huntsville resident Steve Covington said.

Covington said that there will be few affordable homes left while also explaining how chunk after chunk, the residential area has been turned into a car wash and strip shopping center.

City Council members have voted against the measure at this time.

Mayor Andy Brauninger officially proclaimed that Nov. 18 will be Sam Houston State University Food Pantry Day in Huntsville.

“Whereas the Sam Houston State food pantry brings help and hope to communities by taking a holistic approach to help students who struggle with food insecurity,” Brauninger said.

The SHSU food pantry collects food donations for Sam Houston students who need food assistance. 

City council members meet for their annual meeting on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

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