Why couples should stay in on Valentines day

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital at Unsplash.com

One of the most common gripes about Valentine’s Day are that wait times are way too long at restaurants, and it feels too cookie cutter and can be expensive. All of these issues can easily be solved by simply staying in on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is rather notorious for being a holiday that will leave every place to eat booked up and full.

Some may enjoy this, while others are annoyed by having to be in a huge crowd so much that it makes it difficult to enjoy spending time with their partner. Staying in also allows couples to take the holiday and truly make it about themselves and enjoy each other’s company.

Too many couples feel like they are obligated to do the going out to dinner routine even when they do not want to and would rather watch a movie on the couch.

Doing something that is special to each individual couple may help everyone find a new appreciation for the holiday and make it have a less commercialized feeling.

It can also help save money for the holiday by doing something like cooking a nice steak dinner at home as that will be much cheaper than eating out somewhere. And of course, saving money anywhere possible just makes sense.

Staying in does not have to mean anything for any couple. For some couples this could mean enjoying a nice candle lit dinner or others may prefer to watch a random movie like “Encanto” for the 12th time this month. Either way, the holiday should be about the quality time and thought of the night rather than a price tag attached to going out.

Whatever couples decide to do, just make sure that it is special because in the end, that’s all that is really needed to make Valentine’s Day special.

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