Euphoria Sunday

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Everyone by now knows about the show “Euphoria” on HBO max. This show covers real life events that many people can relate to or gain a better understanding of certain things.

Euphoria follows the life of troubled 17-year-old named Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, who is a drug addict right out of rehab that has no plan on staying clean.

There are also many more characters within the show with different storylines but they all can relate back to each other. The show is filled with drama and suspense and keeps the viewer hooked from the very first episode.

Videos, memes and angry tweets were sent every Sunday night as a reaction to the most recent episode which gave it the name “Euphoria Sunday.” TikToks were posted of people redoing scenes and sharing their thoughts on what could happen next.

Even Angus Cloud, who plays Fez on the show, tweets out during the airing of each show to add to the social media madness of Sunday nights.

This past Sunday, Feb. 27, was the season two finale and lots of people had opinions about this episode.
There were a lot of interesting storylines from the start of season like the relationship between Lexi, a shy studious student, and Fez, the town drug dealer for example. One story line included the main character Rue continuing to fight with her struggle of choosing to either stay sober or escaping the realities of life with copious amounts of drugs. And of course, since it is high school, there is always drama on who is dating who, which plays a large part in the side story of the whole friend group focused on in the first season.

However, towards the end some of those stories had missing parts to them or left a lot to be desired in waiting for the third and most likely, final season.

It had the audience asking more questions so there may have been a reason for this though. Maybe to keep people interested in the next upcoming season?

“The season two finale had my eyes glued to the TV the whole time,” senior criminal justice major Justin Armon said. “There were lots of emotions throughout the show from the scene with Ashtray and Fez to Lexi’s play.”

Overall, season two gave the audience a lot to look forward to for the final season. Euphoria is expected for another season but not until 2024 and no one is sure what to expect.

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