Huntsville needs to make its streets more walkable

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Machuca

As the average nationwide price for gas went up to over $3.80 this week. More Americans will likely try to avoid the pumps as often as possible.

Walking at an increased speed during a 30-minute walk can allow our bodies to burn more calories and give us numerous cardiorespiratory benefits, according to With the rise of gas prices, walking around Huntsville is something students should consider lowering the use of gas. However, one of the problems with walking around Huntsville becomes apparent very quickly when you try to walk. Much of our infrastructure is built around driving, not walking.

There is a disturbing lack of sidewalks along the side of town near the Sam Houston Museum.

Any walking done in residential streets has to be done on the street itself, which can be very dangerous if you have small children.

The city has shown that they can build sidewalks effectively, the problem is, some of them are built where they are totally unneeded. Such as the “walking path” that surrounds the market area of town where Target and Academy are.

This is a strip of sidewalk that leads to nowhere and serves no real purpose.

As gas prices continue to rise due to inflation and the war in Europe, the city of Huntsville should take a hard look at how tax dollars are being allocated, and try to use some of them to make the city more walkable. It is an option that will help citizens save money at the pump, and live healthier and more active lifestyles.

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