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Artists inspiring artists is a tale as old as Duchamp and Da Vinci, to Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet. Master of fine arts candidate Keeley Dunnam, has taken this concept to the next level for her thesis, creating “Telephone;” an immersive artistic experience.

Dunnam created a five-part experience for her audience, three dance segments and two art galleries with various pieces; all inspired by Dunnam’s choreography. Dunnam calls her work “a catalyst to motivate,” and hopes for her art to continue the avalanche of inspiration that has been a common theme in the art world for centuries.

Her choreography for the first piece, “Same but Different but Same,” has a fun tension giving the viewer the feeling of almost multiple times before finally cascading into satisfaction. There is a comfortable rawness to the entire collection, capturing how inspiration can be a struggle which forces the audience to fall into their most raw selves.

Dunnam’s second piece, “Chrysalis,” focuses on individuality and connection with others. More specifically, the piece showcases a struggle to balance the two elements of life. The dancers utilized colored scarves to show individuality but mirrored each other’s moves in an effort to convey the struggle of being yourself when the entire world is telling you to be something else.

This piece provides a tone switch for the gallery, a more serious moment that has the audience reflect on themselves; and how they balance themselves and others.

To round out Dunnam’s thesis, her last choreographed piece called “Shared Space,” brings the story to a close, while leaving the message open to interpretation. “Shared Space” gives the audience a look at how human beings can coexist in a world so focused on individuality.

Instead of looking for ways to fit in, Dunnam expresses the importance of staying true to yourself, and simultaneously learning how to compliment those around you.

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  1. Kenda kiker

    Great description of a very well put together piece. Thank you for writing this and describing it for those that were not able to come to view the piece.

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