Laughter is the best medicine in style

Photo courtesy of Makyra Etienne

Filled to the brim with pop culture references, well-known songs and characters that were larger than life, “A Doctor in Spite of Himself” had the audience laughing from start to finish.

Sam Houston State University’s Department of Theatre & Musical Theatre performed Christopher Bayes and Steven Epp’s adaptation of Moliere’s piece March 24-26 and sold out every show.

Telling the story of a young girl who feigns an illness in order to avoid an unwanted marriage and receives help from a fake doctor, “A Doctor in Spite of Himself” showed audiences that laughter really is the best medicine.

It took an ensemble of actors and actresses to pull-off this production and each one was needed for the story to feel complete.

A standout role of the production was that of the infamous doctor Sganarelle played by SHSU senior, Katlyn Cox. Cox’s comedic timing, facial and body mannerisms and connections to the other characters really helped set the foundation of the play and storyline.

Other standout characters were Lucas and Valere, played by SHSU seniors Aaron Piccirillo and Trace Vaughn, respectively. These two stole the show each time their characters were on scene. The chemistry between the two characters and their bold and blunt personalities they shared made it difficult to not enjoy their time on stage.

One more character that really stood out was that of Geronte, played by SHSU sophomore Paige Klase.
Klase’s character was not as extravagant as some of the others on stage, but it was her contrast and subtle mannerisms that made her stand out from the others.

The beauty of the production was the fact that the show was written as a comedy, and it succeeded in being interpreted as a comedy by the audience.

It may sound like performing a show that was written to be funny would be easy to do, but that is not the case sometimes.

In the same sense that not just anyone can be a comedian, not just anyone can perform a comedic play.
The actors have to be able to deliver the lines and body language necessary to get a reaction from the audience.

This group of actors and actresses, stage crew and light and sound technicians worked well together to give an unforgettable performance.

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