Physical is better than digital when it comes to the written word

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With the rise of e-books and audio books overtaking the industry, the debate between physical and digital copies of books is more relevant than ever.

Physical works are not easy to produce, it takes much more time to print things out physically rather than downloading books on a tablet, and consumers love the convenience of having their entire collection on a single tablet.

But physical print offers some benefits that make some consumers prefer and makes their reading experience more enjoyable.

One factor that many readers love is the weight of a real book in their hands, turning those pages, smelling that fresh paper smell and the feeling of worn leather on your palms is a rewarding experience that can never be experienced with an audio book.

Being able to see the physical process of how far a reader has made into a story with a good bookmark can be very rewarding for the reader. It gives them a sense of accomplishment seeing how far they have come and can even help motivate them to go farther than just swiping the screen of a Kindle can.

A final and very important benefit to print is physical value. Book collections are something past generations have been proud of and can be transformative experiences for young book enthusiasts. Being able to go into grandpa’s book room and experience the smells, feelings and joy of looking through the collections is something that just cannot be experienced if all of those books were downloaded and that is an experience that cannot be lost.

As the debate between print and digital rages on, it is important to remember the soul and experiences that print can offer readers, it is something that will always be more fulfilling and will always give print a bit if an edge over digital.

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