Why college age people should vote!

Young people have the power to make a difference.

It is way too often that students feel that their vote does not matter. Young voters are the future of our country and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The outcome of an election can be decided by just a handful of votes, and with millions of college students eligible to vote, their collective voice can make a world of a difference. Voting in all elections, big or small, is one of the most important duties of an engaged citizen. Students have the power to sway an election being responsible for almost one-third of the eligible voting population. If we want to see a change within our society, we need to exercise our right to vote.

Students today are capable of reshaping the political agenda. It is important to learn about candidates’ views on economic, social, and environmental issues such as student loans or Pell grants that are deemed important and use a vote as a call for action to have a say in how these programs are shaped for years to come. The percentage of college students who voted in the 2020 presidential election was a record 66 percent, going up 14 percent since 2016. This brought the voting rate of college students in line with the rest of the population.

Another thing to think about when talking about voting is student needs. Politicians will not address student needs without student votes. They have a long history of not addressing the needs of students primarily due to students not voting in large numbers. They are more likely to support initiatives that are popular among groups with the highest voter turnout. This means that for students to have significant influence, they must turn out in greater numbers. No one else votes with college students in mind. When issues like student loan rates or educational standards are on the ballot, students are the most qualified to vote on such a matter because they are currently experiencing the implications of such initiatives.

Voting isn’t just about picking the next president, there are several races and state-level elections happening this year. Voting is just as empowering as it is fun. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family and become more involved within the community. This also demonstrates concern for the next generation to come.

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