Dances @ 8

The Sam Houston State University dance production Dances@8 is organized through the dance honor society Chi Tau Epsilon and is a showcase of dance works done by undergraduate students fully choreographed and produced by themselves.

The event took place at the James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center Dance Theater on campus on September 29th – 30th. The production included elements of fog, haze, and strobe lighting.

Performing Arts majors were asked about the importance of incorporating dance into art and performance. A bachelor’s in fine arts through the dance program provides students with an intensive study in modern ballet and jazz. Dance@8 is one of the several opportunities that students have for choreographic exploration.

“Its important to add dance into art and performance because it adds emotion. Its an expressive and natural art that truly captures a moment”, says Elizabeth Georges, a senior and performing arts major at Sam Houston State University. “Dancing is something that can be done both professionally and for fun. It’s an art with endless forms of creativity”.

Performers were given time to create and rehearse a dance piece for the show. The show consisted of several dance genres including contemporary pieces.

“It was cool to see all the different types of dance pieces that these dancers were performing. I love dance and it was so interesting to watch. The lighting and other effects done just added to the show”, says Angell Caines, a freshman at Sam Houston State University. “It’s great to see people pursuing careers in art and dance. I think it’s important to have artists in our communities and just society. They bring creativity and color to our surroundings”. 

For more information on upcoming dance events, visit the Department of Dance at 815 17th Street, Suit 150, Huntsville, TX 77340 or contact them at (936) 294-3342 or Email:


Elizabeth Georges- (832)684-7839

Angell Caines- (832) 925-1031

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