Texas Department of Criminal Justice Opens New Hiring Office

Daniel Robinson, SHSU Student Media

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice held an event Saturday at the West Hill Mall to commemorate the opening of the new recruitment office.

Inside the new offices were murals showing members of the faculty, televisions with promo videos, and cubicles for members to sit in. 

Gustavo Arana, the Talent Acquisition Advisor at the facility, attended the event.

“It will make the applicants have a direct spot for them to go to instead of how things used to work back in the day, now they know exactly where to report to,” Arana said.

Prior to this facility being built the department would be required to set up testing centers around the state.  

Instead of doing this testing process, they will be coming to Huntsville, Texas directly.  

Outside of the facility multiple departments and their employees around the county were seeking hires and raising awareness of opportunities they provide. 

Dustin Wonders, the Assistant Warden at the John M. Wynne Unit, was among them.  

“I believe that a lot of people right now that work for TDCJ are hired on through word of mouth, things like that.  I know that we have this new hiring center out here, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to put the face of the agency forward,” Wonders said.

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