Lactation room on campus for students who are moms

Sam Houston State University is proud to offer lactation rooms across campus for students, employees, and visitors who are parents.

The SHSU lactation rooms provide a private place to nurse, pump, bottle feed, or change diapers. Depending on location, features include fridges, sinks, changing stations, lockers, and rocking chairs.

Current and operational lactation rooms on SHSU main campus include: Art Complex Rm. 218M, College of Osteopathic Medicine Rm. 104, Life Sciences Building Rm. 112, Lowman Student Center Rm. 212, Newton Gresham Library Rm. 224, Thomason Building Rm. 105, and University Plaza Rm. 236. There is also a lactation room at The Woodlands Center, Room 214.

Title IX provides equal education opportunities for parenting and/or pregnant students. If you need to nurse or pump during a scheduled class time, your absence should be excused, and you should not be penalized in any way for your missed time. This includes your grade not being lowered due to poor attendance, you must be given the opportunity to make-up for missed work, and you must be able to get information missed while you were away.

If you have experienced any discrimination due to parenting and/or pregnancy, you are encouraged to submit a report to the Title IX office, regardless of whether or not you would like to follow through with the grievance claim.

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