What happened to degree works and how to read the new degree plan

  Sam Houston State University gives students access to online Degree works, a program which outlines the degree requirements found in the SHSU Catalog and completed or attempted coursework to give students and advisors better information to plan a successful academic path.

  However, Degree works are no longer needed, as the school now has a program called The Bearkat EduNav (BEN) which allows students to pre-define their academic plans in a quick and efficient manner.

  “The first time I ever registered for classes it was a bit confusing to know if I was choosing the correct courses”, says Kylie Gomez, a Sam Houston State University freshman.

  The school system now has a more efficient way of going about every student’s individual degree plan and the process of registration. According to the universities page, EduNav will allow students a guided degree plan to help them stay on track and graduate on time. EduNav uses a more efficient process to generate a students personalized educational plan.

Academic Advisors will still help students customize and adjust their plan at any time, while providing information on individuals processes and guiding students on their academic journey.

Students will no longer have to worry about taking a course that does not fit into their degree plan. Having EduNav will also help reduce the number of students needing to contact the registers office, or an academic advisor about general course questions. Everything a student needs to know will be accessible through their personal EduNav degree plan. 

EduNav will help students prioritize their time to finish courses and reach graduation on time. If any changes to a student’s degree-plan or courses is made, EduNav will notify the student and inform them of any changes affecting their plan.

Students can log into their MySam account to access Bearkat EduNav (BEN).

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