Why was the LSC bar closed down?

Students at Sam Houston are left wondering why the only bar on campus has closed down and been replaced with another university food chain. The bar was once located near the Kat Klub Game Room where you could grab a drink and partake in several different fun activities such as bowling, video and arcade games, ping pong and more. They offered a variety of different beers and mixed drinks for students to enjoy while on campus. It has since been replaced by a college chain cafe called Rollin’ n Bowlin’.

Rollin’ n Bowlin’ is a university campus acai bowl cafe that has locations at college campuses like Denver University, Texas Christian University, Notre Dame, and now Sam Houston. They offer acai & pitaya bowls, smoothies and avocado toast; quite literally the opposite of what it once offered. After speaking to several SHSU students, the general consensus was surprisingly positive as most students interviewed had never even stepped foot into the cafe that was once a bar. It is safe to say that alcohol and learning do not mix well on this campus, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

While there is no formal reasoning for the closing of the bar, I believe it just simply was not getting as much business as they would have liked. Students were not in a drinking mood while on campus which left the bar empty most days. As for the new Rollin’ n Bowlin’, it seems to have caught the eye of several students here on campus. It is the only spot in Huntsville to get an acai bowl with the closest one being in the Conroe/Woodlands area. Students are happy to not have to make a thirty minute trip to get an acai bowl now that they are within walking distance from Rollin’ n Bowlin’. An acai bowl is a much healthier alternative to beer, especially after a full morning of classes.

The question remains if the LSC will be introducing a new spot to grab a drink, but you can grab a smoothie or some avocado toast in the meantime. 

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